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WSSA Student Paper Competition

Win $500, a free one-year subscription to the Social Science Journal, free conference registration at the April 2014 WSSA conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, along with up to two nights’ hotel accommodations and the opportunity to present your paper at the WSSA 2013 Conference.  WSSA will also send congratulatory letters to the winners’ department chairs, deans, and provosts.  Download flyer.

How to win
Papers are judged based on a) advancement of knowledge, b) appropriateness for a broad social science audience, c) quality and implementation of research design, d) definition and significance of topic, e) analysis of findings and discussion of their implications and f) clarity and cogency of writing. Undergraduate and graduate papers are evaluated separately. Authors of excellent papers that are not chosen for the award are eligible to receive a certificate of honorable mention.

Paper Requirements

Papers must be received on or before January 15, 2014. Please clearly indicate (on the COVER page ONLY) undergraduate or graduate status, institutional affiliation, address, phone number and e-mail address. Send an e-mail copy (Word or rich text) to:

Theodore S. Ransaw
K-12 Outreach College of Education
Michigan State University
620 Farm Lane, Room 253 Erickson
East Lansing, MI 48824
517-432-9627 Office

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Publisher's Exhibit

The Annual Conference of the Western Social Science Assocation includes a book exhibit from a variety of publishers

If you are an AUTHOR and wish to have your book included in the display, contact Scott Carson, Social Science Journal Editor. Please be sure to include your own name, telephone number and e-mail address with the information that you submit.

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Bargain Hotel Rooms Hurt WSSA

Larry A. Gould, WSSA Executive Director
As you begin to make your plans to attend the annual meeting of the Western Social Science Association we ask that you consider the following. As you make your hotel reservations, it is no doubt tempting to use online travel websites and discount travel companies that promise big savings in room rates. The possibility of securing lower room rates appears to be fiscally responsible; however, booking discounted rooms can actually hurt WSSA and could eventually lead to much higher conference costs.

This is an important issue for any organization that holds a conference and I have read similar articles in other places, such as the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences Newsletter and in a Wall Street Journal article by Ron Lieber, “Hotel Discounts That Are No Bargain”.

What most attendees don’t understand is that the room block reserved for their event is a trade-off for renting the event space for breakout meetings. We use twenty-five such rooms at each of our annual meetings. In other words, we get the breakout space at no charge to the Association, IF we fill the number of guest rooms described in the contract with the hotel. If we do not fill the guestrooms we pay a penalty. This is a standard in the hotel industry.

When attendees stay at other hotels both the Association and the hotel suffer and when the attendees book rooms at the conference hotel through a discount service the Association suffers. Not only does this make it difficult for us to book hotels for future years, it can cost us in terms of huge penalties for not meeting our room quota. When an attendee books a room through a discount service at the conference hotel and the discounted price is lower than the conference rate, WSSA does not get the much needed credit for that room.

Conference site hotels and some conference organizations are already beginning to charge attendees a higher registration if they don’t stay at the conference hotel. Also, many hotels have barred non-guests from using the shuttles and other hotel services provided for their registered guests.

It is important that the majority of attendees register as guests at the conference hotel, otherwise WSSA meetings can be seriously impacted by the increased financial burden.

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